Beth Keeping has announced her first UK tour ‘Write Like A Girl’ to put the spotlight back on women in music.

Beth Keeping is touring the UK in May under the banner ‘Write Like A Girl’ alongside fellow artists Emily Faye and Vic Allen. The up-and-coming women in music will share the stage in a writer’s round-style performance, taking it in turns to play a selection of songs from their latest releases. Each date will also feature a guest act from the local area.

The three singer-songwriters met last year when they were writing in Nashville, USA. Inspired by the craft of Nashville songwriters – and disheartened at the gender imbalance on the US country scene – Keeping, Faye and Allen decided to host a music tour to put female songwriters back on centre stage.

A quick glance at the Hot Country charts in the States shows the huge disparity between the number of high-selling male and female artists. But this issue runs much deeper than country music. A recent USC study showed that in the past 6 years only 12% of songs in the Billboard Top 100 had a female songwriting credit. And back home on the UK live scene, last year on one night just 9% of live music acts were female-only (The Guardian, 2017).

Write Like A Girl is a new movement that aims to put female songwriting talent back in the spotlight – and inspire more women to pick up a pen or an instrument and create music. Keeping says: “We want to show that female writers have a unique voice to bring to the table. We also hope to create an environment where women celebrate each other’s talents and successes, and cheer one another on.”

The Write Like A Girl tour begins in Vic Allen’s local town of Norwich on 9th May and finishes in London on 24th May. More information can be found on Facebook.