My new single Strangers in the Same City is out now!

The song is about what it feels like to end a relationship in a place like London, which can feel both huge and tiny at the same time. It’s an upbeat but emotive pop-country track that navigates the complexity of feeling connected to someone you are no longer connected to.

I wrote it after I moved from Woking to London and began dating outside of my social circle. With today’s dating websites and apps, there’s often no link between you and the person you’re seeing other than the city that you live in. I wanted to convey the feeling of knowing that when it ends you’ll probably never see them again, but there’s equally a chance that you’ll bump into them tomorrow in a coffee shop or getting off the tube.

The single is the second release from my upcoming EP – out Friday 20 April. If you pre-order my EP you’ll get Strangers in the Same City as an immediate download.

I hope it speaks to some of you – please take the song and make it your own.

Listen to ‘Strangers in the Same City’ on Spotify, Apple Music or watch the music video.